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Bendigo Family Violence Justice Project

About this service

This project is a partnership between LCCLC and the Centre for Non Violence (CNV), based in Bendigo. 

The project aims to increase access to early legal advice and ongoing legal support for women and children affected by family violence, to achieve better justice, safety and wellbeing outcomes.

A lawyer from LCCLC is based at CNV three days a week, making it easier for CNV clients to get help with family violence intervention orders and other related legal issues, including family law and child protection. 

Women can speak to a lawyer in a safe setting at the CNV office where they have access to the other supports that they and their children need. 

CNV workers also have access to secondary consultations, legal education and training provided by the LCCLC lawyers to help them identify when a client has a legal issue, make timely referrals, and understand legal processes so they can best support their clients.

The Bendigo Family Violence Justice Project began in 2018, funded by the Frances and Harold Abbott Foundation, with funds administered by Equity Trustees.

Who is this service for?

This service is for clients of the Centre for Non Violence, with a dedicated focus on women and their children.

How to access this service

This is a referral-only service for CNV clients. Please ask your support worker at CNV for help to book a free legal advice appointment with our dedicated lawyer.

We respect your privacy. To learn more about how we protect your personal information see our Client’s Rights, Responsibilities and Privacy page.

How to make a referral

To refer a client to the our dedicated CNV lawyer, please complete the form below to send us a referral email.

Be sure to select “Centre for Non Violence” from the list of partner organisations on the referral form for priority processing.

Legal Help Request Form

Fill in the form below to contact us for help. If your matter is urgent, or you have a court date coming up, please call us.

Emergency Contacts

Other support services that are available to help you 24-hours a day include:

13 11 14

Safe Steps Family Violence Help Line
1800 015 188

Men’s Line
1300 78 99 78

Kids Help Line
1800 55 1800