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We are committed to strengthening our monitoring, evaluation and learning processes to increase our impact and accountability. 

Our Theory of Change outlines how we contribute to meaningful social impact. 

We monitor our actions and the short-term outcomes we achieve to track our progress and reflect on what is working well, or not so well, adjusting our actions if required. 

Periodically we pause to evaluate our programs and services, to reflect on, critically assess and learn more about how we are contributing to the intermediate and longer-term outcomes that we aim to achieve.


We welcome and value feedback from our clients and partners. Each year we conduct an annual client feedback survey to learn how our services are making a difference in people’s lives, and to identify opportunities for service improvement.

“I was able to fully understand the legal side of the problem, given options, also validated in my concerns, and felt the service was empathetic and professional.” – LCCLC Client 2019

“[their help] made a massive difference. Meant I didn’t lose my license and didn’t lose my job so I could keep providing for my family” – GVCLC Client 2019

“I was actually able to stay in my house because of them. Otherwise I would have been homeless.” – Housing Justice Client 2019