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Strategic Plan

Our vision

An inclusive community built on a foundation of human rights and equality before the law.

Our purpose

We promote equality and access to justice for people in rural and regional Victoria by: providing legal, advocacy and support services, elevating justice as an issue in public discourse, and advocating for systemic change to uphold human rights.

Our principles

The follow principles guide our work:

  • Community: We serve, build capacity and are accountable to the community to which we belong.
  • Learning: We are inquisitive and receptive to new ideas, use evidence-based practice and share our knowledge to achieve the greatest impact for our communities. We learn from both our successes and mistakes.
  • Partnership: We believe that partnership and collaboration between individuals, communities and organisations is the only way to create meaningful and sustainable change.
  • People: We are committed to ethical and sustainable practice and value our people in achieving our purpose.
  • Recognition of First Peoples: We celebrate the strength, culture and contribution of Australia’s First Peoples. We recognise the systemic injustices brought against them, and work in partnership with local Aboriginal communities to bring justice.
  • Respect: In all our work we show respect. We value diversity and acknowledge differences, knowing these strengthen our community.

Our Priorities

We aim to achieve impact in the following priority areas, as outlined in our 2017-22 Strategic Plan:

  • Strategic Priority 1: Increase access to justice and secure housing for the most vulnerable individuals in regional and rural Victoria.
  • Strategic Priority 2Recognise and address the interconnectedness between social and economic circumstances, physical and psychological health, and our clients’ interaction with the legal system and housing.
  • Strategic Priority 3: Be guided by evidence and the experience and expertise of our local communities in all our programs and services.
  • Strategic Priority 4: Advocate for systemic change to enhance the rights of rural and regional Victorians.
  • Strategic Priority 5: Build our organisation’s capacity to achieve its purpose.