We at ARC Justice acknowledge the considerable harm of celebrating our national identity on the anniversary of a day of dispossession, colonialisation and suffering for First Nations communities.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities have the oldest living culture in the world. We acknowledge for all people who live on this continent, that this is an extraordinary heritage to be embraced and celebrated.  ARC Justice supports the entering of Treaties to acknowledge sovereignty and facilitate self-determination. We support the Voice to Parliament as one means of ensuring First Nations people are heard on laws and policies that impact their lives.  

We celebrate the strength and living culture of Australia’s First Peoples. We recognise the systemic injustices brought against First Nations communities, and work in partnership with local Aboriginal communities and organisations toward structural change and social justice.

We acknowledge that there are a range of views on January 26, and we encourage all people living in our many communities to follow the lead of their local Elders in making the personal choice on how to acknowledge the day. Our offices in Bendigo and Shepparton will be open for business as usual. We look forward to continuing to work alongside our First Nations communities and partners to acknowledge past and ongoing injustices, work toward reparation and developing an honest and socially just nation for us all.