As we reach the end of the financial year, we are calling for help to raise $5000 dollars for our Client Support Fund to assist vulnerable clients like Kylie*.

Kylie’s Story

*Client’s name changed to protect their privacy

Kylie is a family violence survivor and single mum of three primary school aged kids living in Central Victoria. After escaping her violent ex-partner, Kylie and her kids found themselves homeless and couch-surfing for several months. Since the COVID-19 crisis began, Kylie has also struggled to make ends meet, relying on payments from Services Australia (Centrelink) to get by and support her three children.

Kylie reached out to our Housing Justice team when she found a rental property to live in, but could not afford to purchase basic furniture items or essential whitegoods for her new home. Kylie was also feeling anxious about not being able to buy school uniforms for her kids to attend their new school. 

Drawing on our Client Support Fund, Housing Justice was able to purchase a secondhand washing machine for Kylie and school uniforms for her kids, so they could begin the new school term with confidence. Kylie wrote to us to explain what this support meant to her.

“Thank you again for your help and support, especially with the washing machine which I desperately needed and had no way or money to get one, and for for your help with schooling costs.”

How you can help

Vulnerable people experiencing housing insecurity, including women and children fleeing family violence, often reach out to Housing Justice for support when they can’t afford to buy or repair essential household items like a fridge or washing machine. 

Housing Justice does not receive any “brokerage funding” to help clients purchase essential goods, so we rely on generous donations from our community to build up a Client Support Fund.

As one of our dedicated Housing Advocates explained:

“As an organisation that works with people who are experiencing disadvantage, it can be heartbreaking when we cannot access funds to help our clients with essential needs. Even small donations from members of the community can be life changing for our clients, helping them to purchase the essential items they need, like a fridge or washing machine, that most of us take for granted. Our clients rely on this support.” 

To make a tax-deductible donation before the end of the financial year, visit our Donations page here.